Short Interview by Aventuras de un Motero


Below I share a 17-minute interview with me by Daniel Zuñiga of the Youtube channel Aventuras de un Motero. Basically, I agreed to do it for my son, for him to have this memory when I am gone. (Yes, it sounds dramatic, but I lost two friends this week. For me, death is very real, and I prefer to prepare for it than pretend it is not going to happen.)

Here is the video: Entrevista Suzanne Noel.

It’s an honor to be recognized once again. THANK YOU, Daniel!!!
Daniel asked good questions. I hope you enjoy watching it.
I only wish I had mentioned that my riding buddies are one of the best things about riding for me. These friendships are extra special because of all the intense feelings we share together on our adventrues. It is a unique bond.

Once again, it feels odd to be chosen. I always feel like an impostor, since I know I am not a very good rider, as I have mentioned before. I do have LOTS of FUN riding, but my skill level leaves a lot to be desired. Hahaha! Though I suppose that, in the end, what truly matters is that I am doing what I most love to do. Which helps me love life to the fullest! I am grateful to share my joy with others.

AND, I will admit it: I am concerned about others resenting me for being chosen (this has roots in childhood dilemmas). For this reason, I turned down a previous request for an interview by TV channel. I don’t need the attention. Best let someone else enjoy being in the spotlight.

BUT, I have ridden with MoterosCR (Daniel’s group) four times (See below), and with Daniel once. We have had fun, and they have taken exceptional care of me, so it’s a pleasure to support Daniel’s channel as a way of saying thank you. They are a great team!

Daniel with his lovely wife, Maricruz, and his three children.

Facebook, maybe this blog, and sharing in Whatsapp have helped me meet that human need of being seen and valued. Riding in and of itself has helped me tremendously with my self esteem. It is truly empowering. AND, sharing adventures via photos for some reason makes them more meaningful. Yet I am thinking that I don’t need to continue. We shall see if I fade away. Hahaha! (On the other hand, since I spend so much time alone, having “company” via these channels helps me feel like I belong to a greater community.)

It’s a FABULOUS life! If I can inspire other women to follow their dreams and their passions, then it is OK to be SEEN. 🙂


P.S. – On August 3rd, 2022, Sahara had her second birthday, and I celebrated my 24 years in Recovery.

Here are my trips with Aventuras de Un Motero:

San Francisco de Leon Cortez to Parrita: La Ruta del Miedo

Potenciana: Probando las Motoz GPS

Venado Caves

Pejiballe to Punta Mala (Soon to be published)

And my road trip with Daniel to Santa Cruz Turrialba via route 417: La Ruta del Queso.

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