Magical, mystical, and marvelous! (New routes)

I haven’t been publishing much these days, though I have done several new routes which would have been nice to share. This morning, I will briefly mention three.

#1 From Route 1 (Zagala Vieja) to San Buenaventura (La Union) above Miramar.

This is a relatively easy gravel route with a few uphill rocky sections and great vistas.

Only thing is that we hit an uphill section that had babyhead gravel on it. Robert got stuck and heated his clutch, so we decided to go home once at San Buenaventura rather than continue with our adventure. Nacho also fell in the ditch, but then made it up like a pro! Wish I had filmed it. (Not sure why or how I made it up, but I did.) After this there were two smaller uphill parts, but not as steep or long, so we got through them OK. As I said, fabulous views up top!

#2 Cerro Espiritu Santo (August 14, 2022)

Yesterday, Robert and I had a smooth, easy ride to Laguna de Hule, then down to Bajos del Toro and Sarchí, where we decided to go to Cerro Espiritu Santo in Naranjo. The little road up is old cement, with lots of holes, but easy. At the top there is an old monument and small ampitheater. Nice viewpoint to enjoy a few minutes of wide vistas.

#3 Calle La Puebla, from Candelaría to Barrio San Jose, Atenas.

For over two years I have been seeing a gravel road on the mountain across from where I live, wanting to ride it. It has been torture for me. Hahaha! FINALLY, yesterday, Robert and I went to check it out! Yay! (I am so grateful that he is willing to spontaneously go to new places with me. :-))

Calle La Puebla is hard-packed rocky gravel with some sections with loose rocks. But it is an easy route to ride, without any steep parts.

Calle La Puebla
Cerro Atenas

I was delighted to see Cerro Atenas where I live across the way. I want to go back a.s.a.p. for more photos. There are many routes in the Atenas area that I still have to do, like go up to the famous La Zopilota rock above Altos de Naranjo. Soon!

Anyhow, these are the three routes I wanted to mention in this post. I do have a draft saved of several others that I have enjoyed these last months. I may get around to publishing it one of these days, since the main purpose of this blog is to share roads with people (and have a place to keep my adventures).
Below I will add a slideshow for my own records of other recent fun times. (And I wish to mention that I did San Francisco de Leon Cortez to Las Vegas again. Still stressful but not so terrifying as the third time I did it. Hahaha! One steep, tight curve DOWN after another! )


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  1. Nice post!
    I want to do Llanos Leon Cortez again and to explore Cerro Espíritu Santo. Oh, and go from Colonia del Toro to Nueva Cinchona lol
    You always take the coolest routes 🙂

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