“Rolling in the bushes, down by the riverside.” (Weekend fun on various routes.)

I am going to share about a few different trips I enjoyed this last weekend (though not in chronological order).

On Saturday, September 3rd, I went with Daniel Zuñiga’s group MoterosCR and a few invited guests to celebrate his birthday at Soda Diana in Los Angeles, San Ramón. Because it was raining, I decided not to continue with the group on their ride around 706 (Piedades Norte) to Piedades Sur, then down 742 to San Jeronimo de Esparza. I would prefer to do that ride when the skies are clear to enjoy the views.

Happily, my new friends Juan Jose and Jessie decided to come home with me. On the way, we decided to drive through San Jeronimo de Esparza to the river where the rest of the gang would eventually arrive from route 742. This is a delightful, easy ride with lovely views.

We went to the river at Peñas Blancas de Esparza, waited a bit, then headed back.
Juan José is a skilled motorcyclist. I think most people who ride mountain bicycles make for excellent motorcyclists. Their control and agility is impressive!

Beyond the bridge, route 742 looks like it is in good shape. I hope to return soon with my ReconCR team.

Closer to the river, coming from San Jeronimo, 742 is cracking (splitting), falling down , and washing away.

Leaving the river, I fell. Damn. So infuriating! I stopped on an uphill curve, kept the bike up, but as I took off, hit some serious crevices in the road, and down I went. I actually hit and slid down the road a bit on my side. Hahaha. But I was wearing full gear, thank God, so all is well. However, I bruised my right ribs. Riding a motorcycle does indeed occasionally hurt one’s body, but it is most definitely one of the BEST things for the mind, heart and soul! So, I will continue until I no longer can or should, and then hopefully, I will by a trike.

I have done hundreds of tight uphill curves and have NO IDEA why I have lost my mojo on them lately. I think I am not turning my head, looking towards where I want to go, and giving it gas (and am thereby losing my momentum). In any case, it is time for another off-road riding course to help me overcome this new development.

Nevertheless, the ride filled me with a deep sense of well-being. AND, I am delighted to have new riding friends! Jessie and JuanJo have THE BEST energy! Yay! (And thanks, Jessie for the photos!)

I also wish to give an update on route 319 from San Pedro de Turrubares to the river, where I went on Friday, September 2nd. This is a fun, short, mostly-gravel route. About a third of it is being paved. 😦 For me, it’s been hard seeing so many roads I used to ride that were gravel that are now paved. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia. It’s good for the communities, but it means more traffic for those of us who love the peace of gravel roads. (And so it is. Acceptance, they say, is the key to serenity. :-))

Adorable! Until they wake up and want to kill me. 🙂
Tajo Sulai as seen from Route 319

On my way home, I chose to go home from Orotina via Cerro Chompipe.

This is a road up to Desmonte on route 3, through Vista Mar. It is partly paved, part with slate cobblestones, and part with concrete cobblestones. It is a different way to go from the Aguacate, with zero cars on it (usually). The slate part gets slippery with moss at the heart of the rainy season.

Like so many routes, it has nice vistas up top.

Last but not least, I closed my weekend on Sunday with a short ride up to the Irazú volcano for a late breakfast with Luis Herrera and a few other friends. The skies were clear. The curves on route 219 are easy and wide, and the vistas are awesome (but we didn’t stop for photos). Bundle up, cause it gets chilly up there!

I left my friends at top and headed over to Curridabat via Tierra Blanca, heading down via a road I love that has great views, and which I hadn’t ridden in a while. I still love the freedom and peace of riding alone.

I went to a ladies lunch in Curridabat, where I saw my friend Konrad Starke. It made me so vicariously happy to see his six motorcycles because it means he is still living life to the fullest! 🙂 Yay!!

He shared a couple of photos with me of his coming in second place at the 1977 Motocross Championship of Costa Rica, at La Guacima — and of the Honda CR250R he rode during it.

After I mentioned my fall on Saturday, he confirmed what I already knew, and said, “Most falls are due to a failure to give it enough gas.” Just so. Guilty as charged. Anyhow, I hope I can improve and regain my confidence around uphill, sharp, gravel turns. Sometimes I think I am losing my strength and ability due to my age, and that it might be time to stick to easy gravel routes, but the truth is I love riding off road, and one will often encounter these kinds of curves. Best I seek to improve my skills. Fingers crossed. In any case, it is not the end of the world to “Stop and drop.” (But still painful to my self esteem, and best to avoid.)

Anyhow, it was a fun-filled weekend, spent out in the splendor of nature, alone and with good friends. Life doesn’t get much better than this!


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 2nd through 4th, 2022.

Song: Sugar Magnolia.
“Sweet blossom come on under the willow
We can have high times if you’ll abide
We can discover the wonders of nature
Rolling in the rushes down by the riverside.” 🙂

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