Come rain or come shine. “One always enjoys it.” (Update Laguna de Hule)

Yesterday, my friend Harold and I went for a ride to Laguna de Hule via Cinchona.

The road from Cinchona to the viewpoint restaurant, Mirador Bosque Alegre, still has some very rocky parts, though it is much better than in the past. The owner of the restaurant told us that they are preparing to fix the downhill part of the route to Río Cuarto, a route I have never done. He said it has been scraped in order to place asphalt on it. He said it is steep, with curves, and about 700 meters long. Hope to do it soon!

Laguna de Hule to Río Cuarto.
Can’t wait!
School. Right to lake. Left to Colonia del Toro.

The road from the school at Los Angeles, Colonia del Sur, to Colonia del Toro was fixed over a year ago (scraped and with easy gravel). But the light cement cover that they put on top in certain parts is washing away. Nevertheless, it is an easy ride. (As I have mentioned before, I feel such a deep sense of peace when I ride on gravel roads. Love it!!)

Route 708 to Bajos del Toro is paved but full of potholes, especially the last part nearing town.

It started raining, and we climbed the steep part of route 708 to the top in the fog. We took a left at Alto Palomo do go down Calle Trojas instead of route 708. Nice, smooth road.

Calle Trojas
Coming down Calle Trojas

When I mentioned to Harold how much I had enjoyed the ride, especially since there were so few cars, he said, “Siempre se disfruta. Aún con lluvia.” One always enjoys it. Rain or shine! So true. 🙂


Sahara Honda CB 500XA with Shiva, Triumpth Tiger

Date of ride: September 8, 2022. My son’s birthday!

Song: Yes, I’m gonna love you, come rain or come shine! 🙂

And, as a PS, wish to share these photos from a ride down to the coast on Wednesday. The first one reminds me of when Konrad Starke joked that should I paint, I could include motorcycle mirrors in my paintings, since years ago I did this often on my riding photos. Hahaha! That would be hilarious! (And also thinking of my friend Robert who recently posted a photo with his image in the mirror. :-))

Playa Bochinche

After visiting Playa Bochinche where I enjoyed seeing some Scarlet Macaws (Video), I took the little gravel road in front of Villa Caletas to Playa Herradura, Calle La Pipasa. Fun little detour!

Calle La Pipasa did have some muddy parts which I would not want to do in the rain.

Anyhow, I had breakfast at Los Sueños with my friend Gretel. Too expensive! Won’t be returning soon. 🙂 (But I love our conversations, so I will go to see her.)

There was no one at the beach. I love riding during the week.

Life is good! Stay wild!!

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