Weightlessness, no gravity. (San Luis/Zarcero)

This morning I decided to take a short ride on my Honda XR 250 Tornado, Storm. First, I headed over to see if Route 3 had been cleared of the recent landslides. It hadn’t been. (But was by the end of the day.)

Heading back towards Atenas I wasn’t sure where to go. So many choices! 🙂 I opted to head over to Grecia.

When I took a left at MegaSuper and saw that the skies were clear over in the Zarcero area, I decided to go there to do some recon on a road I have been wanting to do for quite some time, and which my friend Dave Mejía mentioned to me recently since Waze had suggested it. It ended up being a great choice for my morning ride.

I put Google maps to see if it would take a short cut to Soda Diana, but, as it often does, it sent me to some odd neighborhoods and to a one-way street. 🙂 (Which I took regardless.)

After breakfast at Soda Diana in Los Angeles, I took Villa Blanca road to Alto Villegas. This area has lovely views of green rolling hills. I was delighted that the weather was nice.

The Alto Villegas road is hard, compact gravel/dirt and it goes to route 703.

It goes over a new road (35 Corredor Norte) that for some reason has never been opened.

From route 703 I took a left onto Calle San Luis, which was the new road I wanted to explore. At first it is gravel, then it turns to nice asphalt.

Oh, how at peace I felt being in this quiet and beautiful space!

Then I rode through San Luis to Zarcero. Yeah, feeling weightless! 🙂

San Luis
Zarcero Church

So, if you’re riding back to the Central Valley from Zarcero, go ahead and take That right at the Y that says San Luis! You will love it also.

I headed home via Route 709, another smoothly paved road with little traffic. I was tempted to do more recon on another road I have seen many times, but resisted the imperial urge! Hahaha!

Yes. What a SWEET morning!



Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Song: San Luis

“Weightlessness, no gravity.
Were we somewhere in-between?
I’m a ghost of you, you’re a ghost of me
A bird’s eye view of San Luis”

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  1. So cool you were able to scout that road! I will take it next time I’m around.

    I also love that road between soda Diana and 703. Great views and lots of small pretty country houses.


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