Wash away my troubles. (Cedral de Montes de Oro!)

Wow. Wow. Wow.
Today I rode above Miramar, above Tajo Alto, and above Palmital to go check out Cedral. What a fabulous discovery.

When riding on a Saturday, during a holiday pay-day weekend, on a route with constant repairs, be prepared for lots of delays! Hahaha. So glad I was on a motorcycle. It changes the experience from one of frustration to one of…getting free! And, oh how one enjoys getting off the beaten track to go find new far-away places!

Below are some photos of the way to and through Palmital. Route 144 is nicely paved. At the top, it has a few potholes and a few patches of gravel, but overall it is in good condition.

If you are going up to Tajo Alto and above early in the morning, best to eat breakfast somewhere on the way. There are no restaurants open in the morning above Miramar. I had breakfast at the gas station in Miramar. Hot sauce makes anything edible. 🙂

Bajo Caliente below

The road to Cedral is paved all the way. What a pleasant surprise! Here is a video I took on my way to Cedral which gives you a glimpse of the beauty.

The area feels like Shangrila. It is so beautiful! I have to admit that it felt surreal to me, to be on a paved road going up and up and up, only to find a small altiplano on top like Grano de Oro in Turrialba (though smaller). I had no clue that any of this was up here.

I continued past Cedral and through San Francisco. There had obviously been a huge landslide on the way to Arancibia, but I did not take a photo.

But, when it turned to uphill gravel, I did not wish to continue alone. I felt too nervous, perhaps because I did not sleep well last night. BUMMER! Where has my courage gone? 😦

I hope to return with someone to continue the adventure.

I turned around and headed over to San Buenaventura to go back to Miramar through La Union.

San Buenaventura Area
La Union below.

The road to San Buenaventura has a couple of kilometers of gravel. There was one downhill part with very loose gravel, but no problem. Then it is all paved again through La Union and onto Tajo Alto. It truly is a lovely area.

I was home by noon, happy to have discovered this area and most definitely wanting to return to explore more of it. It looks like on can go down to Bajo Caliente from Lagunas. More will be revealed!


Date: Saturday, September 17, 2022

Song: Shambala.
¨Wash away my sorrow / Wash away my shame/ With the rain in Shambala…¨

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