Love is the Opening Door. (Honda CB 500 anniversary.)

On Sunday, November 6th, a group of about 55 Honda CB 500 owners and their partners celebrated the third year anniversary of the group. We met at Honda SAVA in San Jose. It was a true pleasure to see all the beautiful motorcycles and greet as many new friends as I could. What a joy!

AND, I always enjoy seeing our charming leader and friend, Allan Ugalde, and my beloved friend and Sensei, Felix Franco from Clever Rider and head of the Honda School of Motorcycle Riding in Costa Rica.

We rode in a calm and orderly fashion to the Hotel Tirol in San Rafael de Heredia, grateful that the hard rains of the last few days had let up. There, group member and CB500X owner, Helena Garfia administers the hotel. Amazing life-long motorcyclist from Spain. I am so excited to have met her!

Again, for me, it was great to meet so many of the CB riders and thrilling to see so many beautiful motorcycles all gathered in one place. Here are a few photos of some of my new friends while we waited for breakfast.

Honda Motos Costa Rica (SAVA) offered cleaning, greasing and adjusting of chains, and the Riding School had a fun competition of riding skills. It was great fun!

Allan Ugalde won first prize at the competition. Perfect! 🙂

A totally unexpected and deeply moving surprise was that they gave me an plaque of acknowledgment, honoring me as a motorcyclist! Wow.

It reads:

In recognition of and with affection for Suzanne for being an exemplary motorcyclist with a young and adventurous heart.

For dreaming without fears,
living without limits,
and travelling beyond frontiers.

It still brings tears to my eyes. I don’t understand. All I do is do what I love: ride!

Who can bear so much LOVE!?!

Allan Ugalde also got an recognition for being such a devoted, charming, and wonderful group leader. I am sure it was him who had the idea of honoring me. Such a special person! The group is truly blessed to have him as our friend and leader.

I was delighted to meet Facebook friends in person, and to see my friend Jonathan, with whom I had love at first sight the instant I met him. 🙂 Love is like that. Who feels it knows it.

Motogram took some excelent photos of the group. I do like mine (though would have preferred them without the logo). 🙂

I especially LOVE the one of the ladies! We have formed a whatsapp group called Las CHICAS X. Hahaha! Hope we go riding soon!

We had several sponsors. I give my heart-felt thanks to Honda CB500 F/R/X Costa Rica, Honda Motos Costa Rica, REPSOL, SW-MOTECH Costa Rica, Motomundo, MotoPartes, Graficart, Proyecto Musical Mario Quirós, Motogram por las hermosas fotos, Moto Sport Tire, y Hotel El Tirol.)

Here is the Motogram page so that you can enjoy seeing photos of some of the other CB owners.

I left early and missed a lot of fun, I am sure. 😦

I can’t adequately put into words how meaningful it is to find oneself part of different motorcycle-riding groups. It has been one of the most healing aspects of riding, to be able to “love and be loved,” and have the need for belonging met in such kind and wonderful ways.

Yes, The HONDA CB500 group is truly an example of motorcyclists at their BEST! I am honored to be part of this community.

Allan and his beautiful family


Song: Love is the opening door.

Love is the key we must turn
Truth is the flame we must burn
Freedom the lesson we must learn
You know what I mean
Have your eyes really seen?

Love is the opening door
Love is what we came here for
No one could offer you more
Do you know what I mean?
Have your eyes really seen?

Date of event: November 6, 2022

4 thoughts on “Love is the Opening Door. (Honda CB 500 anniversary.)

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  1. What a wonderful day, this group, now more like a family, has been a blessing for me, meet people like Allan and Suzanne is the best part, as an inspiration to be a better rider, a better person, taking the time to enjoy the life, thats the key…
    Thanks Suzanne 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Que Linda nota, y mas conocer moteros de corazon y poder compartir una pasión.
    Apesar de un dia lluvioso y se pudo compartir con una gran hermandad


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