Happiness Overload! Jicarito down to Nuevo Arenal.

My good friends Robert, Althaf, Adrian and Berny, Christian, and I had a fantastic day riding yesterday. Despite heavy rains! 🙂

It was my pre-birthday ride, though I will go on another birthday ride on my birthday, tomorrow. 🙂

We met at Rostipollos, where Adrian gave me the new ReconCR stickers (love them!) and Christian gifted me new valves for Sahara. 🙂

The morning started out clear. Yay! We went to Mirador de Cinchona restaurant via Fraijanes for breakfast. The ride there was wonderful! There were no cars on the road! Such a delight.

Robert gifted me the perfect T-shirt. Hahaha! (Yes, I was happy and continued to be happy for the whole day, rain or shine!)

We headed over to Cinchona and down to Colonia del Toro Amarillo.

I chose this route so that Althaf could get more time riding on gravel on is new KTM. Plus, it’s just much more FUN to ride on gravel, as we know! The more the better and the merrier.

We took route 4 over to Jicarito and Venado, riding in the rain, enjoying the beautiful greenness of it all!

We were happy that the skies cleared while we were on route 734 Venado.

Gabriela and Luis Fabian

This route is mostly easy gravel with a few fun curves. 🙂 It has nice views at the top of Lake Arenal. On a clear day, one can see Arenal Volcano, and it is an awesome sight! Hope to return in the summer under clear blue skies.

Such pure joy!!

Here’s a video of my YAHOOOOOing taken by Christian. :-)

We came out at Nuevo Arenal and stopped for lunch at The German Bakery.

Our friend Ignacio showed up, soaking wet! Hahaha!

We ate too much and continued to enjoy each other’s company. 🙂

Along the way, our team-mate, Fritz, sent a photo from Nicaragua with my friend Lidia Texidior, owner of the beautiful hotel, El Patio del Malinche in Granada. Making me even happier still! Wow. Happiness Overload! 🙂

We hit more heavy downpours on our way to La Fortuna. But we had fortunately stopped to put our rain gear on before they got too heavy.

We said goodbye to Gabriela and Luis Fabian in La Fortuna. Then we road home via Bajo Rodriquez and San Ramon, through more drissling fog. The rains, however, seem to be part of the adventure, perhaps making the ride more intense in some ways.

Most definitely, one of the greatest things about riding is the friends one makes on the road. Riding is thrilling and enlivening, but riding with good friends is like a shower of full-body-felt happiness and joy. Nothing like it. Love it!


Date of ride: November 13, 2022.

Song: Shambala! Yeah, though we were Riders on the Storm, this song fits more for me.

Wash away my troubles
Wash away my pain
With the rain in Shambala
Wash away my sorrow
Wash away my shame
With the rain in Shambala

Everyone is helpful
Everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala
Everyone is lucky
Everyone is so kind
On the road to Shambala

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