Let your love flow, like a mountain stream. (Day 2: Salinas Bay to Dos Ríos to Aguas Claras)

After all-night rains and starting off with rain in the morning, Robert and I decided to head West towards the coast to look for sunshine, seeking to get away from the flow rather than go with it. 🙂

Once out of the rains, the lovely Guanacaste light was as beautiful as ever, bright, sharp, creating long shadows. Lovely.

We first went to Cuanijiquil, then headed over to Salinas Bay.

I simply ADORE Salinas Bay and the fact that it is still mostly undeveloped, which is baffling, to say the least, considering how beautiful it is. I need to return to spend a few days resting in the quiet beauty of the beaches there.

After visiting Salinas Bay, Robert and I headed out to Dos Ríos via Route 4, on which I had never been. So much recon for me on this trip. Yay! There were parts of route 4 that were really slippery, but fortunately: no falls! Double Yay!

We took route 917, an easy gravel road, to Dos Ríos, where we had lunch.

From Dos Ríos, we headed toward Gavilan and Aguas Claras. Some of the first hills were paved, then the route turned into a two-track, fun rocky lane.

My song was: shake, rattle and roll!

It was fun going up and down the little rocky hills. We were glad it did not rain while we were on this route, because things could have gotten slippery. The gods of riders were with us!

Though I don’t have much to say about this trip, it was truly enjoyable, and I can’t wait to do it again.

I have not mentioned it, but on all three days, we saw lots of prisms and rainbows because of the sunshine combined with misty rains. They added to the magical feel of it all.

Day #2, another awesome riding adventure with a nice mix of sunshine, rain, slip-sliding, and rockin’ and rollin’. Perfect!


Friday, December 2, 2022
Song: Let your love flow.

“Let your love fly like a bird on a wing
And let your love bind you to all living things
And let your love shine and you’ll know what I mean
That’s the reason..

Wikiloc: Cuanijiquil to Dos Ríos

2 thoughts on “Let your love flow, like a mountain stream. (Day 2: Salinas Bay to Dos Ríos to Aguas Claras)

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  1. It’s amazing all the places you visit.

    I love the photos and the way you express your emotions on each trip.
    I hope soon to be able to join you on one of those wonderful rides.


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