Believe in miracles! (Guided tour to the Central Pacific)

Well, life sometimes brings you exactly what you need! 🙂

Yesterday, thanks to GoRideMoto, I earned a little money doing what I most love to do: RIDE in Costa Rica! This landed like a small miracle into my life since this month has been quite stressful financially.

I had mentioned last year to my friend Luis Alonso that if he ever needed a guide for a motorcycle tour (on or off road), I am available. I know most of the routes in Costa Rica, so, why not? He called me last week, and I said YES. Yay!

Yesterday, I met the delightful couple RD and Alka at GoRideMoto in La Garita. They did not wish to do curves (which is a bit challening in this mountainous little country), so we headed out to the Central Pacific on Route 27.

First stop was Tarcoles Bridge, also known as Crocodile Bridge because of the crocs that hang out underneath. Such a cool sight to see. We had coconut water there, then headed off to Hotel Villa Caletas near Jaco.

Hotel Villa Caletas has lovely views of the ocean, and is a nice, relaxing place to visit on the way south.

We then rode through Jacó, through the “malecon” beachside area, and to the “letters,” where there is a nice view of the bay.

It was quite enjoyable. (I met a motorcyclist on a KTM who had fallen and had a huge bruise on his back, which he showed me. He said a motorcyclist had cut him off. We laughed, knowing it is all part of riding. Wish I had taken a photo of him. Fun guy! French.)

We then rode on the straightaways to Parrita, to Playa Seco beach for lunch. It was HOT! I lent my vest to Alka so that she could take off her long-sleeve black blouse. I was not particularly pleased with my whole-snapper meal, and was aghast at the price when I paid the bill. Hahaha! Lesson learned! But it was a nice setting with lots of palms in front.

On our way back to La Garita, we stopped at Los Sueños in Herradura for a sweet snack, even though we were full from lunch. I like the little beach that is there and the ride in is…elegant. I had a delicious gelato and they had pastries. A little surgar energy to help us for the rest of the trip.

The sun was going down. Further up, while riding past Pita beach, it was quite beautiful. I did not stop, however, because I was anxious to get home a.s.a.p. I don’t like riding at night, and I knew it was already going to happen. Best to get as far ahead as possible while there was still some light. (Much of route 27 is quite dark, without streetlights or adequate markings on the road. Plus, there was a lot of slow traffic. But, we made it without misshap!)

It was a relaxing (though long) day, sharing the beauty of Costa Rica with two kind and gentle souls. I enjoyed it tremendously, and am grateful that I had this opportunity. Life is good…


Date of ride: Thursday, December 22, 2022

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