Joyeux Noel! (A sweet activity for children in Sabanilla)

On Saturday, December 24, 2022 a small group of us from the Honda CB 500 group met at Plaza Real Alajuela to take 50 Christmas presents to the mountain community of Sabanilla, Alajuela.

It was a cool and clear, beautiful summer morning.

How moving it was to know these children were going to receive gifts of JOY! Wonderful.

Also delightful was the activity of having the children sit on our motorcycles. How fun. Maybe there will be a few future female motorcyclists down the road. Hahahaha!

One of the best things, of course, is seeing my friend Allan and his wife. Allan said I was “happiness incarnate.” 🙂 I certainly am when I am around motorcycles and motorcilists. Allan gives me hugs and kisses and thus makes me even happier. It was also wonderful to see my friend Jonathan and to meet other CB500 riders. Truly a delight.

Since my mother died, I have felt pretty much “done” with Christmas. But this event reinspired me, and I hope we do it every year. The word that describes it best was what my sister, Eileen, said: SWEET. Yes. Sweet indeed!

After delivering the presents, a few of us took a short ride around Poasito to Vara Blanca and Carrizal. It was a lovely day for a ride in this green part of the country, on winding mountain roads with beautiful views. (I only hope they didn’t mind the single-lane road I took them on to get to the main route! (Grin.)

The day ended in with my son coming over to cook dinner for me. I hope this is a new tradition. 🙂 (And, he didn’t seem to mind that I had not put up the tree nor any decorations. I think I will give them away.) With the candles and incense burning, and some soft blues playing, it was a heart-warming, pleasant Christmas Eve.



Special thanks to Allan and his wife and family for ogranizing this wonderful event.

Decemeber 24, 2022
Song, Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano

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