Groovin’…on a Sunday afternoon. (Go Ride Moto CR tour to the Central Pacific Coast)

Yes! Another miracle! I did another guided tour on Sunday, January 22, 2023 for Go Ride Moto CR. What a gift from the universe!

It was a lovely morning as I headed out to Go Ride Moto in La Garita, sunny skies all around. On my way, I stopped for a snack at Fiesta de Maiz, thinking it might be a while before I had a chance to eat. I had a quick “Prensada” (cheese pressed between two tortillas) and was attended to by friendly Luis Fernando, who told me how cold it was up where he lives in San Isidro de Poás. That he only takes cold ❄️ showers in the morning. 😬 I remember that from when I first came here in my Peace Corps days. Brrrr. No thanks! Now, I heat water on the stove if I don’t have electricity. He also shared his private Chipotle sauce with me. 😁 A fine way to start the day.

Love happens, my friends.

At Go Ride Moto, I first met Craig and Melissa, a father and daughter team who were renting a motorcycle for a few days. Smart move! Best way to enjoy Costa Rica is gliding through its beauty on two wheels. I really clicked with them. Joking around with and enjoying their fun, happy energy was another treat of the day. Loved it!!

Roger and Darlene finally arrived — and after getting all their protective gear on, we headed off for our riding adventure together.

I took them over to Ciudad Colon and up to Puriscal to head down wonderful and winding route 137 to Orotina. It is a lovely route with beautiful, big views all around and wide, easy curves (except after San Pablo where there are some tight ones.) We stopped at the Sulay Quarry for photos and to check in and see how they were.

They told me they were hungry, so we stopped at Soda Turrubará for coffee and a few “Gallos” (tortillas with cheese and one with meat) under the hot tin roof. 🙂 Silvia cooks on a wood stove. For some reason, I really like the coffee there. Maybe it’s the frothy milk.

Our next stop was the Tarcoles bridge so that they could see the crocodiles, after which we headed through Jacó to the letters, and up to Villa Caletas hotel so that they could enjoy the view. I am so glad they liked it up there! Yay! Roger told me several interesting motorcycle stories. (By the way, I discoverd there is a FLAT parking area further up towards the back of reception. Much better.)

We had lunch at Bowie’s Point in Playa Hermosa. We sat at the balcony, which has an ocean view. There was one Scarlet Macaw on one of the Beach Almond trees. Always delightful for me. We also saw Morita the big, fat pig. She is famous in that area. Hilarious!

The traffic was quite heavy on the way home. In fact, it totally stopped after a while. (My friend Ricardo saw us and took a photo. 🙂 Yet another cool happening.) Roger asked if we could go on the right, on the dirt and grass, and of course I said, “Go for it.” Hahaha! So, they had a little bit of off-road adventure after all.

Incredibly, it started raining! What a crazy dry season we are having. Fortunately, I had packed three rain coats in my trunk before leaving my house (and three chocolates). 🙂

We arrived at Go Ride Moto at around 6:15 or so. I rode home on the dark curves on what is known as “Las Vueltas del Macho Chingo” (the curves of the naked white man), wishing they would repaint the road and add street lights so that one could see.

All in all, it was a delightful 12-hour day for me. I was happy and content. How could I not be? I earned some money doing what I love, Roger and Darlene were great company, the weather was lovely for most of the day, and I was beginning to feel like part of the friendly family of Go Ride Moto. 🙂 Yay!!!


January 22, 2023
Song: Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon

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