You make my heart sing! (Fun routes in Turrubares and Puriscal areas)

On Thursday, January 19, 2023, my riding buddy Robert and I had a fun-filled day taking several routes around the Turrubares and Puriscal areas.

We started out on 707 from Atenas to Turrubares, which is presently full of pot holes, but still a nice way to get to 27. At San Pablo we took a little 2.6 kilometer road on which we had only been half way during the rainy season, calle Los Altos.

Calle Los Altos has some gorgeous views at the top. Worth going just to enjoy them a bit.

The way down back to Route 137, however, was quite steep, with layers of dust and rocks.

I decided to just go for it. I literally slid down. I kept telling myself to only use my front brake, but my body insisited on using both slightly, to slow down my speed, which ended up causing both tires to slide. Hahaha! Yes, I cursed when I reached the bottom. But was grateful I had made it down without falling. What a tricky terrain. Robert wants to try it again for practice. Me, I don’t want to push my luck. 🙂

After a brief discussion after what we “should have done,” we headed over to 319, a gravel road with some curvy parts, and continues gently up and down till the river. From 319 one can see the Sulay quary in the distance and also Turrubares mountain on the left.

After the crossing Turrubares river, we took a left we had taken once before up a little gravel road that connects to the road that goes to the Tarcoles river.

It seemed steeper to me this time, perhaps because I was on Storm, my Honda XR 250 Tornado. It takes me a while to get used to Storm since she is not as balanced and “solid” as Sahara, my CB 500X. Also, the Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires feel odd in front. But it was sure fun!

The little route down to the Tarcoles river is LOVELY! Tree hugged. Another tunnel of pure, natural love!

It was lovely to spend a little while there, relaxing. Rober took Storm for a spin (video). He enjoyed how lightweight she is and mentioned buying a smaller bike (as other friends have done).

We then headed over to Jaco to go up to Bijagual from there.

This is a wonderful route with fabulous views at the top!!

We stopped at a restaurant on the right instead of going to town for a drink (there is another restaurant on the left as well, on this ridge). Nice views down to Quebrada Ganado and also to the farther mountain ranges.

From Bijagual we went to Tulín then to Soda Pura Vida. The first part of the route until the crossing for El Sur is presently super smooth and wide. It is like a highway. BUT, much of it is red clay, so it would be dangerous if it were to rain. After that, the route is not as well-tended, and thus more fun. (It seemed to take forever, though, for us to get out to 239 — the route felt longer than usual, maybe because we came up from Jaco.)

We stopped for a snack at Soda Pura Vida and headed home on 239, hitting rain at Altos La Palma — still surprising during this supposedly-dry summer season. I took a left at Cerbatana to get back on 137 and head home via Turrubares again. What a great morning doing what I most love to do..


Date of ride: January 19, 2023

Song: Wild Thing….you make my heart sing…you make everything…grooovy.

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