Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. (Peninsula 2023)

A classic ride for adventure riders in Costa Rica is known as “The Peninsula,” and it involves riding up the NW coast. I have done it five times, in different directions, and involving different routes. It is great fun. I usually post each day as a separate post, but this time I will post two publications of our four days. (Be prepared. Each will be long. 😉

February 8, 20223:

On Wednesday morning, my friends Roy, Gabriela and Luis Fabian, Kevin, and Juan Carlos, and I caught the 6:30 a.m. ferry to Playa Naranjo, with a barely visible moon following along.

This year, my friend Roy Chang organized it as a “relaxing trip”, so on the first day we visited Curu Wildlife Refuge to visit Tortuga Island. This is a beautiful spot, with Cappucin and Howler monkeys and other animals all around. I would like to return just to enjoy the beautiful beach.

We had a lot of fun taking a boat over to the different beaches of the Tortuga Archipelago, snorkling, and enjoying some fresh fruit on the beach. I had not been snorkling in about 27 years. It was lovely to see all the colorful fish.

So beautiful!!!

After this, we rented a house in Pochote, another new area for me, and had lunch in Tambor. I enjoy riding these roads so much because I rarely do. I will have to return more often.

Thursday, February 9, 2023.

The next day, after breakfast in Montezuma, we rode in what is one of my favorite parts of the trip, over to Mal País, Playa Santa Teresa, then through Manzanillo beach and onward to Coyote.

The route from Montezuma down to Cabo Blanco and over to Mal País is gorgeous, winding along the coast and up and down — and presently with layers of loose powder on top. 🙂 I love it…as well as the narrow route along the coast from Santa Teresa towards the exit onto Manzanillo beach. Wild fun!!

And, riding on Manzanillo beach is always magical! Here you can sense how delightful it is: Video.

It is common for bikes to get stuck on this loose sand exiting the beach.

Then we crossed rivers! 🙂

(Here’s a video of me crossing Bongo River.)

And wound our way over first to Playa Coyote, then our cabins at Coyote Lodge.

Once settled in, I was delighted that Kevin was willing to ride up to Bella Vista and down to Bejuco with me. Yay!! This is my third time doing this new route, and I must admit it is another favorite now. 🙂 The views are awesome, and I love those sweet curves down from Vista Mar to Bejuco. (Wikiloc)

One of the best moments was seeing a troop of about 20 Howler monkeys crossing the road on the electric lines overhead, many with babies on their backs. Amazing!

Here is a video of a few of the monkeys: Video.

In the late afternoon we all went to see the sunset at El Barco restaurant in Costa de Oro.

Two wonderful, easy days spent riding together on the light-filled Pacific coast, along wild routes, under gorgeous blue skies, with many trees in bloom. Simply fabulous!

Special thanks to Roy Chang for organizing another great adventure


Song: Happy. 🙂 (Sunshine, she’s here, you can take a break….because I’m happy….)

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