Take it to the limit. (Río Chiquito & Calle Potrero)

Hey there.
I want to post this as quickly as possible, because in a couple of hours I leave for Panama. How exciting!

On Earth Day, 2023, my friends Robert, Frits, Ignacio and I took a fun trip over to Yoko Termales, under Miravalles Volcano. We were celebrating all the Taurus birthdays. 🙂 (“Ride de los Taurus.” Hahaha!)

We first went up to Santa Teresa near Monteverde, headed over to Las Nubes, and down to Río Chiquito.

“Solo el tanque es Honda.” 🙂

The route through Las Nubes is easy gravel. Down the Río Chiquito there is one curve that is washed out, but it is a relatively easy downhill descent on gravel.

It was wonderful to have the skies be clear and enjoy the awesome views! Yay! What a treat.

After visiting the little town of Tronadora, which has a tropical-island feel to it, we crossed Tierras Morenas, which is a wonderful, solitary route with view of Tenorio Volcan and then Miravalles. This is partly paved, partly gravel. I have always loved htis route.

When we came out to Route 6, we took a left, then in about two kilometers a right to take Calle Potrero.

Calle Potrero presently has some parts that are quite technical, due to ruts and loose, big rocks. But we passed without incident. It is a fun little route.

We arrived at our hotel relatively early (with a view of Miravalles volcano), and enjoyed soaking in the hotspring pools, followed by stuffing ourselves with pizza. 🙂

The next day, we took a gravel short cut to Guayabo (Recon!) and then headed over to the electricl mills to find the route down what is known as the Liberia Canyon.

The sunrise behind us was breathtaking.

When we reached the T, we mistakenly took a left, rather than head over to Colonia Libertad to take the “real” Canyon Route. So we ended up on 918 which is now partly paved and part gravel (as I mentioned in my last post.

We had breakfast in Liberia, and, sadly, parted ways. 😦 It was hard to leave my good friends and the next off-road adventure, but I wanted to get home to pack up and get ready to go to Panama. I am going to leave in about an hour! Yay!I will surely post from my phone.

Live on a motorcycle is simply marvelous! Especially with good friends.


Date of ride: Saturday, April 22 to April 23, 2023

Song: Take it to the Limit.

“You know I’ve always been a dreamer (spent my life running round)
And it’s so hard to change
Can’t seem to settle down
But the dreams I’ve seen lately
Keep on turning out and burning out and turning out the same
So put me on a highway
Show me a sign
Take it to the limit
One more time”

Wikiloc: Río Chiquito/Calle Potrero

Wikiloc: Guayabo/Liberia

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