Let your love flow like a mountain stream. (Río Sereno to Volcán, Panama)

This morning I headed down the Aguacate (Route 3) to coastal highway 34 to go to Panama.

I discovered Cafe Jardines in Town Plaza at Esterillos. It opens at 7 am and has decent coffee and real bacon.

After breakfast I continued down the lush, tropical road to Palmar Norte, where I took a left onto route 2 along Térraba River.

It was so nice to feel like the only soul on the road as I headed over to route 237 to San Vito. This is a ridge road with wide, awesome vistas on both sides, especially on the left.

After getting caught in a brief downpour (and lunch) , I headed over to the Río Sereno border crossing.

I saw my friend Gerardo from Caballeros de Coto Brus Motorcycle Club there, and met another nice officer named Zelaya.

Everybody on both sides of the border were quite amiable. Yay!

I loved the curvy, solitary road to Volcán. Nice views. It was almost impossible to stop for photos though.

I booked a room at Hotel Dos Ríos, recommended by my friend Mario Amador.

Don Mario sent me some routes for tomorrow. I can’t wait! It’s all so thrilling!!


Monday, March 24, 2023

Song: Let your love flow.


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