Stand by me. (Recon CR — Puriscal to Tulín, and La Estrella)

Today, I want to acknowledge my team, Recon CR! OUR Team!

Recon CR has the lively and light energy of Robert, Fritz, Ignacio, Althaf, Cristian, Harold, Adrian, Andres, Mathieu (who recently departed), Gabriela & Luis, my beloved son, James, our new member Jay, and yours truly. What a TEAM!!

We are a small adventure riding group that was formed after my birthday ride a couple of years ago, with many members from Althaf Sheriff’s “Weekday Off” group, which, as the name suggests, rode off road, yes, during the week. (And, yes, he eventually forgave me! :-))

Belonging to this small group is one of the best things in my life.

I wish I had a photo with all of us together…maybe someday. For now, I’ll simply share some photos from this last weekend’s rides.

Most of us are bi-or trilingual. We all love riding off road. The best for me is the sense of humor we enjoy and the warm affection we have for each other. I am touched and honored to belong to this adventure-loving “family.” Each brings a unique character, energy, and style to our togetherness.

Now for a quick recap of this last weekend.

On Sunday, Robert, Fritz, Althaf, Harold and I took a trip to one of our most visited areas: route 239 from Puriscal to Bajo La Legua to Tulin river, then to Bijagual. It was great fun! (Wikiloc).

At breakfast, Althaf attempted to get our minds focused in the moment since all mentioned being somewhere else. The food helped, and we were readier to ride after. Hahaha! Eat, ride, drink, ride. Recipe for hot summer days.

We seem to be happier than usual when Althaf Sherif joins us, for he is a joyous, kind soul that brings extra fun-loving energy to our adventures.

Despite the oppressive heat, we enjoyed ourselves to the max riding, stopping for a while by the Tulín river where the guys played around a bit.

We then headed off to Bijagual for refreshments and back home via Cerro Chompipe, which is more interesting than the familiar Route 3.

The following day, Sunday, along with a new friend of mine named Sergio, Robert, Fritz, Ignacio and I took a trip to La Estrella de Guarco.

I mention this because we went in through a road I had only done once, leaving La Estrella. And I much prefer entering this way. It’s the first left when you see a lot of signs for La Estrella. Thanks to Robert for entering this way. 🙂 It is easy, smooth gravel (I didn’t record on Wikiloc. Bummer.)

There are wonderful views entering and leaving the little town of La Estrella. Definitely worth the short detour (which may even be a shortcut back to route 2).

We had breakfast at Soda La Amistad, which fortunately for us, was open! I loved the flavorful cheese, and my friend Sergio the coffee. 🙂

We separated at the entrance to Santa Maria de Dota — Fritz, Robert, and Nacho continuing to La Providencia, and Sergio and I to Asserí, where we also separated. I came home with my heart filled with wellbeing after two days of being with good friends, doing what I most love to do with them: ride.

Riding tribes are evolving creatures. I am still a happy member of my original group, Los Rejuntados, but we rarely ride together any more — though some within the group do occasionally. Still, we stay connected and sooner or later, a few of us will gather together for another riding adventure. Nos rejuntaremos.

I am also a member of the Honda CB 500 group, Honda Red Riders, and of Luis Herrera’s most recent Moto Amigos Clan. But at the moment, I am most grateful to Recon CR and Los Rejuntados for including me and helping me feel “part of” something. Living alone is not always easy. Sharing these meaningful riding experiences together is a gift beyond my wildest dreams, as they say. Yay!

Riding teams bond through shared adventures together. Some days are incredibly intense, others are more liesurely and easy. All bring to us an embodied experience of joy that is hard to describe, but is made all the deeper and richer by being shared.

Drenched in the hot beauty of the last days of summer, few things are as satisfying as


Song: Stand by me

“When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we’ll see
No, I won’t be afraid
No, I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me.”

PS – Goodbye to Mathieu and Lisa. And, thank you, Mathieu for your wonderful, easy presence in several of our most intense rides! Hahaha! (Polka, Sardinal, San Francisco, etc.) May your life be full of many more riding adventures.


Dates of rides: Saturday and Sunday, May 6th and 7th. And today, May 8th, we celebrate Fritz’s birthday! Thank you for your patience riding behind me, Fritz! Pura vida, mi amigo!

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