I [do] like spiders and snakes. (Calle La Culebra and others)

These first days of May 2023 have been hot and dry. Though the heat does get a bit oppressive at times, I myself have been loving the continued blue skies, occasionally stirred by semi-cool breezes. Yesterday (Wednesday) was the perfect day to ride up to LLano Brenes de San Ramón, which can often be foggy and quite cold.

My new friend, Sergio, and I met in Atenas and rode up La Libertad to LLano Brenes, where we stopped to enjoy the lovely views, before heading to Soda Diana in Los Angeles de San Ramón. The weather was indeed perfect.

Soda Diana makes delicious Huevos Rancheros, which are made even more delicious by the great hot sauce they have! (You can take the girl out of Mexico, but you can’t take Mexico out of the girl. :-))

The skies were clear to enjoy the view from the back balcony.

We then headed to Alto Villegas to take Calle San Luis over to Zarcero. I love these routes. They are part gravel and part asphalt, again with wide vistas.

Route 35, “Corredor Norte,” remains closed. What a shame.

The road to San Luis is gravel at first, then turns to asphalt. I like it. Needless to say, it also has nice views.

In Zarcero, I decided to continue with our original plan of looping around to La Florencia to Bajo Rodriguez and back to San Ramón. But neither of us were happy with the traffic and gray skies, and at one point Sergio motioned for me to stop to ask be if there was an alternate route. I said, no, but when I put on Google maps, there was a lef turn up ahaid to go to Bajo Rodriguez. I was so excited that he wanted to do it with me. Yay!

It turned out to be La Culebra, which is a route I have been wanting to do for years! Double YAY! (I would like to do the other routes from Zapote soon, to Santa Elena and to Buena Vista. Fingers and toes crossed.)

It was an interesting route, first asphalt then gravel.

Then it turned into a one-lane lovely litte route, with some loose gravel in parts, but nothing challenging. I was relieved that there were no steep inclines. Hahahaha!

What a delight to ride in new spaces! Can’t wait to show this to ReconCR.

We came out in Santa Clara (though afterwards I confirmed that we could have gone left to come out above Bajo Rodriguez on route 702).

We stopped for coffee at a litlle restaurant on our way, where Sergio took a photo of the three ladies that were three generations (grandmother, mother, and daughter). So sweet!

We were both happy to have had this fun adventure together on Calle La Culebra.

Yeah. Nothing like discovering new horizons!


Date of ride: Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Song: Spiders and Snakes

Wikiloc (which sadly did not record the most important part: La Culebra. 😦 )

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