Give me some of your Rice & Beans (Limón)

This is a quick post to share what a pleasure it was for me to visit Limón this week.

Turrialba Volcano seen from route 32

I left my house at 5 a.m. on Wednesday to ride down route 32 to Earth University to pick up my friend Alex, who is visiting from Colombia.

I used to drive my car to the Caribbean coast to take my dog, Pepper, but it is impossible now. There are always traffic jams. Wednesday was no different, as a cattle truck had turned over during the pre-dawn hours. There were miles and miles of stopped traffic, but since I was on a motorcycle I was able to bypass it all to the front and get through. Another reason to enjoy the riding life.

Alex and I had breakfast at Soda Bambu near Earth University, then headed to Limón.

I had to go to the water company to change the name of the owner of the meters for my property in Puerto Viejo. I was amused that all my legal papers from the Municipality were not valid. All I need is two witnesses (from anywhere in the country) to say I am in possession of the land. 🙂 (This is because it is within the Maritime Zone so I don’t have a title, but only “land use.”)

While Alex took care of his business, I rode over to Los Baños beach and hung out there for a while.

It felt so good to be in Limón. Everyone was so nice. I don’t know why but it put me in a peaceful, relaxed, happy mood.

Good vibes for sure!

Finishing our business in Jamaica Town, we took the old road out of Limón, route 240, which goes along the coast. Thirty-eight years ago, one would see fishermen on their boats with turtles to sell the meat (and the shell for jewelry.) Glad that is no longer true, but it was interesting at the time.

Again, I was moved to see places (in town) that had personal meaning for me or just were part of the history of Limón, like Las Olas Hotel, which had been ruined after the 91 quake.

We had a “Rice & Beans with Caribbean-style Chicken” lunch on the balcony of the Hotel Maribu Caribe, and rode home on route 10 from Siquirres through Cartago. There was no traffic and the skies were clear. Yay!!!

Route 10 is a lovely route with breathtaking views and easy, wide curves. It was a delight. (Though riding through Cartago and Circumvalación is always a bit irritating! Hahaha!).

We made it to my house at 5:30 p.m., and I was rather worn out from being on the road for 12. 5 hours. But I was still content from visiting colorful Limón and riding with my good friend Alex.

Life is good!


Song: Give me some of your Rice and Beans.

(“Rice & Beans” is rice cooked with beans with cocounut milk and a bit of Habanero pepper. Delicious! Especially with the saucy Caribbean chicken. YUM.)


PS – Nice to have my motorcycle riding friend, Alvaro Perez, visit on Thursday afternoon with his brother-in-law, Miguel. Riding TRIBE! 🙂

Speaking of Alex reminds me of JAS RIDERS and the route we took from Santa Eduviges to División, which I hope to do again. Loved it. Here is the link to it.

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