Amazing Grace! (Day #4 and home from Santa Eduviges to Division)

On our last day of our trip to the Southern Zone, Jose Alonso, Alex and I took a most amazing route with splendid views and lots curves, curves, curves, and more curves! Hahahaha! And mostly on loose gravel!

We went from our hotel Los Pinos past Perez onto a little gravel road to San Ramon Norte, then headed over to Santa Eduviges to go from there to Division and Highway 2. I highly recommend this route (one can start from Barrio Boston in San Isidro says Alonso). Awesome!

Jose Alonso: The BEST guide!

As I said, the road to Santa Eduviges has lots of curve and has sections with very loose gravel. Truly breathtaking views!

I am sooooo grateful for these two friends! They have added so much adventure into my life!

A bit before Santa Eduviges, we turned right to head over to Division. I found this part a bit challenging, but Jose Alonso and Alex did not, so it may be because I had not slept hardly at all and had had four cups of coffee in the morning. Hahaha! I know that not sleeping well affects both my self confidence and riding abilities.

I fell going around the easiest of curves! Hahaha. I saw it coming and took it too much on the inside, tried to compensate, lost my line of sight and momentum, and down went poor Sahara. Damn! I must have hips of steel! I really need to work on improving my curving uphill skills. And I will! (And, I need to remember that it was only one curve out of 250 (says Alonso) throughout this trip! Hahaha!)

We made it to a smoother area and enjoyed the view and our accomplishment. 🙂

And then we came out onto Highway 2 to head to our different homes.

What a fantastic end of another great adventure with JAS RIDERS!!


Date of ride: Sunday, April 4, 2021
Song: The long and winding road

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