I believe in miracles. (Tilaran/Fortuna)

Super ride today from Samara to Tilaran, around Lake Arenal, to La Fortuna, and home through Vara Blanca.


My thought was, “Where have I been all my life?” 🙂

Fast riding on great roads. Great views around the lake.   LIVE THE POWER! 


My new song for my Honda XL 200 “I believe in Miracles.” 🙂

This planet is a miracle. I am so lucky to have a motorcycle in Costa Rica! I enjoyed every part of this ride, including the refreshing cool fog through Vara Blanca on my way home.

Route 18 out of Samara to Route 1 to Tilaran to Route 142 to La Fortuna! Route 142 is a must do route for any rider.


I even enjoyed all the windmills around Tilaran.



First view of the lake as you are coming from Tilaran. Then, you get closer and closer. 🙂



Date of ride: June 12, 2018

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