Interesting but creepy! (Rt 313 to Monterrey and 336 to San Andres)

It was a beautiful, clear day today, Summer Soltice 2018 (June 21). I decided to try Rt 313 from the Tabarca side, then turn back towards San Andres on Rt 336.

I headed out to Ciudad Colon, then Palmichal, and on to Tabarca on Rt 209. I really enjoyed this part of the ride today. All the quaint towns are adorable!

Looking at my destination in the background from Los Altos de San Rafael area on Rt 239 before the turnoff for Rt 209 Palmichal-Tabarca.
One of many great views on Rt 209

I don’t know if it was low-blood sugar, my fear of heights, or the steep downhill curves, or what, but once again, I had that creepy, unsafe feeling on Rt 313. I even was tense on Rt 336. Yikes!  Fortunately, it was confirmed by Alex at a restaurant on Rt 226 where I stopped for lunch. When I told him I had come from Monterrey and that for some reason I did not like it, it did not feel good, he said, “That place is dangerous. That whole road has a bad vibe. A VERY BAD vibe.”  Muy mala vibra. 
See? I am not crazy after all! Hahaha!

Monterrey on 313

Perhaps riding with someone I would enjoy it more, because the views are interesting.

Looking back from where I had come (Monterrey) on Rt 336

Coffee mountains everywhere, and not much else. 


Past San Andres on Rt 336

Alex recommended I go to Highway 2 to Cartago rather than go to Aserri, so I followed his suggestion. Rt 2 was quite nice today. Great views! Not much traffic and not too cold.
I made it home after six hours, just before the lightning storms started on my mountain.

Song: The long and winding road.

Here is the link to Google Maps.

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.


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