Pure Joy! (Rt 218 again, coming home from Orosi valley)

Ahhhhh. There’s nothing like finding one’s happy groove on a bike!

Coming down Rt 218 — view on the right. Bigger views on the left.

Today, I did a tour to Capellades (Rt 230)-  down to Cervantez – then the Orosi valley – and came home on Rt 218 through Llano Grande and Rancho Redondo, winding my way through Coronado to San Jeronimo and Rt 32 – then home through San Rafael de Heredia.

It’s confirmed! I really like Rt 218 (Rancho Redondo)! That’s when I really fell deep into my happy groove. 🙂 And stayed there my own familiar road home through las Chorreras and Montecillos. It’s as beautiful as any other part of the country.


Coming home from Orosi on Rt 2, I decided to go up a road I love that comes out at Bar/Rest “La Teja” in Llano Grande, where I turn left to go on Rt 218. This is so much nicer than riding through the traffic of the city and the circumvalacion (and Heredia center).

Llano Grande


When I saw the church of Coronado on my right as I was coming down 218, I decided to take a right and ended up coming home through the winding mountain roads above San Jeronimo that I love so much.  Yay!

San Jeronimo, with the usual ugly electric lines ruining the photo. 🙂

My photos are not in sequence, by the way. 🙂

Heading to Pacayas on Rt 230 typical scene

Yes! Best to take the long way home sometimes and LIVE THE POWER, know the love, feel the beauty!

June 24, 2018

Google MAP

Just love that pure joy that comes when riding. Song: Feeling good. 

I really needed that happy groove, as these days have been distressing for me. I am lucky to have my Honda XL 200 in this lovely country.




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