Lonely Roads (Rt 707)

Ah yes.

I do love solitary riding, the freedom of it. How peaceful and fun it is. Yet sometimes, some roads have a feel that is lonely, both in a good way and a, well, lonely way. 🙂

Today, riding from Orotina to San Pablo de Turrubares on Rt 137, I once again felt that it was a lonely road. But the kind of lonely road that I like. Joyfully lonely. It’s hard to explain. Like, “Leave me alone, I’m doing what I love” lonely. 🙂


I stopped at the quarry again, and took the same photo of my Honda with the quarry behind it, then of the view in front (yes, again! Hahaha!).



Other roads are just lonely to me, like Route 707 between San Pablo and Rt 27. I tend to feel like I am “Miles from Nowhere” as Cat Stevens sings, when I am on this road. And, I feel the kind of loneliness that makes me long for a riding buddy.


Yet, even in that loneliness, I can appreciate how everything is so luscious and green during the rainy season! And I still have fun. 🙂

See how green everything is?

The odd thing about this rock at the end of this bridge is that I consistently encounter a car coming down it, while I am going up it. Only once have I not bumped into a car. It amuses me. On this entire trip on Rt 707, I only passed one car, and, yes, it was on the rock. 🙂

Green season view from Rt 27 heading back to “Pan de Azucar” (Sugar bread).

Song: One is the loneliest number

Or should it be “Lonesome road.” 🙂

Here is the Google map link of the area in which I road today, coming down Rt 3 from Atenas, through Orotina/La Tigre, to San Pablo de Turrubares, and across the bridge to Rt 27.

On another topic, I was happy to see a Mucuna holtonii vine on Rt 3 as I was heading down.



These are chandelier flowers which hand down from a vine. These turn into pods that produce large flat black sea beans.


Yes! Riding in Costa Rica: FEEL the beauty. Know the love. Live the power!

Even though I did feel some pangs of loneliness, I had a great time, as usual, doing what I love! I am happy that I am now taking these longer rides on Thursdays AND Sundays — to satisfy my soul.

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