Amazing Grace!! Rt 742 On/Off Road – Spectacular – San Ramon/Esparza


Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

I have been longing to go on a new road, so today I decided to take Rt 742 out of San Ramon, down to San Jeronimo de Esparza. 


The views were incredible! My God. I could see all the way to the Pacific coast.
Most of the road was paved, then it turned to gravel. Soft gravel, then small rocky gravel, then in the middle of the mountain it got really rough and a bit scary for me, full of large rocks.


Fortunately during the first part, the roads down were paved in those downhill parts. Then, they weren’t, so I traversed about 4 kilometers (or more) of tough riding. Wouldn’t want to do that in a car, at all. Though one could go in a car to Salvador, where there are some nice homes, just to enjoy the views, then turn around to come back.


At one point, I did turn around, too afraid to go on, alone, but I ran into some cyclists. Hahaha! Mountain bikers are everywhere on the mountain roads of Costa Rica. They are a comfort to me. Seeing them, I said, maybe if I fall they can help me. One of them said, “You may just have to take US out on your motorcycle.”  So, I decided to to through all the way, knowing I would not be totally alone if something happened to me.
A voice in my head said to me, “Nothing is going to happen to you.” Nothing happened to me! 🙂



Little zinc metal bridge


Looking back
Again, looking back from where I had come.
Nice roads and nice views in San Jeronimo de Esparza


This was an amazing trip. Truly spectacular!

Song: “I feel good. ” 🙂 Yes, Amazing Grace might fit as well. But this one is better.

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty, know the love, live the power!

Here is the Google map link. The piece between Carrera Buena and Cerrillos was the worst, but obviously doable, cause I did it! This was very rocky, up and down, with large rocks. You also have to cross a small river (small), which might get bigger during the hard rainy season. AND, there was one small patch of deep mud.

I love my Honda! At Casita del Cafe, I said to Luis the car watchman, “Here I am with my little Honda, and here are all these big gorgeous bikes.” And he said, “A pero tampoco la ha dejado caer.” “Ah, but it has not let you fall yet!” 🙂

Not true. I have fallen. Just never on the worst roads! Hahaha!



Oh yeah. I forgot to say, you might want to stop to buy water and peanuts at the only store you’ll see for a while! Super Nachos! 🙂


Total time 6.5 hours. San Jose de la Montaña, Heredia — San Ramon — Esparza — Route 3 to Atenas – Alajuela — home again!

Finally! Breakfast at 10:30 a.m. at Casita de Cafe, Rt 3. 


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  1. Oh Sussane How you dare to go that route with no invitation or whatsoever to me?. Don’t do that again ja ja.


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