Breakfast in America (Villa Caletas and Rt 320 to Bijagual)

This morning I road over to Villa Caletas on the way to Jaco for breakfast. I like the views up there.

View on the way up to Villa Caletas
View from Restaurant at Villa Caletas
Yours truly waiting for breakfast
Rt 320 to Bijagual

Afterwards, I decided to head over to Bijagual. Route 320 to Bijagual is paved for a while, then it is that fine gravel that is a bit slippery. There is not much on it, though in certain spots there are hotels and one restaurant that I saw.¬† I had intended to go all the way to Bijagual, but I was low on gas, so had to turn around. I will put this trip on my “To Ride” list to do it all the way. It’s interesting. I like wild places.

Terrain around Rt 320

Costa Rica’s tallest waterfall is in this area. For those of you who like to hike! ūüôā

Pacific ocean views on Rt 320
View by Restaurant Tico which looks over Carara National Park. Opens at 11 a.m. so I missed it.
Great views from Rt 320

Then I headed back to Rt 137. I was going to go to Purires, but got a bad stomach and had to turn around to find a restaurant. Maybe next time!

I love Route 137
My beloved Turrubari


Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power!

Song: Breaksfast in America.  

Total time from home (San Jose de la Montana) to Jaco – Rt 320 – then 137 to Ciudad Colon and back home): 7 hours.


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