Wild Thing (Rt 230 to Turrialba)

Turrialba below. Love the big views of this route.

Yesterday was a gray day. As I rode towards Cartago and Turrialba into what looked like a dark wall of clouds, I was sure I was going to hit heavy rains. But, I didn’t! I love it when life surprises me like that. Yes, it was “a sad day” as Lucrecia at the Turrialtico Restaurant said. But it did not rain, and I had a good, fast ride there and back.


Route 230 is one of the reasons I love riding in Costa Rica. Big views. And one is filled with a quiet sense of serenity at the peaceful settings. Love it!


My usual stop at the Turrialtico restaurant. Green, cool, gray. Still lovely! 🙂


Yep. Route 230. Familiar, yet always spectacular! Enjoy.

Song: Wild Thing.

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty. Know the Love. Live the Power!


Total time: Six hours. Fast, fun riding! Live the Power! Date: July 9, 2018


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