My Intention

This Rider’s Intention

I do not claim to be anything
other than an imperfect person,
to love and be loved
by life
and its genius magnificence.

I only wish to shed my shackles,
the heavy weights that drag down my soul,
shame my innocent heart,
silence my voice.

I seek to embrace the sunlight
as it sings with the wind,
its morning shadows carpeting my wild path
on mountains and valleys, the shores of love.

I claim myself
as belonging to myself,
to this sacred being that spins
in the vast silence of space,
creating, creating, creating
more and more miracles
— as all of us belong
to this precious jewel of the cosmos.

I am Earth’s child.
Every being on this planet is my sibling.
All I wish to be is a friend
among friends,
for all of us
(sea, land, sky creatures)
to be
friends among friends.

(Morning thoughts, July 11, 2018).

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