Riding into the Too Beautiful! Rt 10 from Siquirres to Turrialba – great ride!

My intention this morning was to go up above San Jeronimo de Moravia to find the spot I love so much that looks down at the Zurqui mountains (Click here: Live the Beauty). But when I hit Rt 32, the morning was so gorgeous, that I decided to ride between and into the Zurqui mountains! Hahaha!


 I headed on down to Siquirres, to return via Turrialba, remembering how much I love that route.

Rt 32, heading down, view on right.

Well, it was a spectacular morning! Rt 32 was simply stunning and with not much traffic (at 6 a.m.). Yes, riding East in the morning is blinding and tough! Yikes!

Rt 32, view on left. Braulio Carrillo National Park.

I once again fell in love with Costa Rica.

Reventazon Damn lake below. Too beautiful! Rt 10

Rt 10 from Siquirres to Turrialba is smooth, well-paved, with lots of easy curves and fantastic views.

I wish the photo could capture the beauty, depth, and breath of this view.

There is one spot on the road that has the most amazing views and such a feel of serenity. Frankly, it does of course make me want to live there full time! Hahaha! (But it’s not convenient, especially when you have a 90-year old mother living with you.)


View from road to Sitio Mata.
Painted plastic bottles to decorate this bust stop. 🙂

I did go to the Turrialtico once again, not only for the view, but because I like chatting with Lucrecia the owner and the waitress, Rosa. 

I decided to head home the shorter way via Rt 10 because the upper mountains looked cloudy. 

The traffic in the central valley was unpleasant. It’s been a chaotic week, traffic-wise, with the strikes, the parades, and then, today, pay-day Sunday. A lot of maniacs that seem intent on running me off the road. Ugh. Glad to be home before the rains.

I am in the mood for going to La Herediana via Turrialba one of these days. But that is a bit longer. I love that route also (415).

Total time: 6.5 hours with breakfast and photos.

Song: You are so beautiful, to me…


Nearing Rt 32 from home this morning.


September 16, 2018

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