No method to my madness – day trip Atenas/Grecia/Fraijanes

Yep. Sometimes there is no method to my madness. I just go. And then go and go. Here, there, then over there. As long as I am enjoying the ride, all is well. 🙂


I am thinking of changing my riding days to Wed & Sunday (instead of Thursday) so that the maid can be with my mother part of the time. I wasn’t really psychologically prepared for a long ride today, so I decided to go for breakfast. Where? Jaco? Caldera? Casita de Cafe? Yes, Casita de Cafe won out. 🙂 I figured I would just take a short ride.

I liked this mural of this bakery. 🙂

After breakfast, I headed home. BUT, seeing the gorgeous volcanoes behind Grecia, I changed my mind and went there via the sharp, steep curves of Santa Eulalia. It is good practice for me. I am starting to relax more on them, knowing the trick is to go very slow on them.


Calle Rodriguez

In Grecia I went up Calle Rodriguez until it turned to gravel, then I turned around and took a lot of left turns down. It was fun to wind my way around the narrow country roads.

As usual, I enjoyed the upper mountain roads, but, again, at one point, instead of taking a right to come home, I went left up San Juan thinking I would go to Poasito. This road is OK. Not the greatest. However, when I reached Fraijanes, I decided NOT to go to Poasito, and came come. Hahaha! This Fraijanes road and area is nice…picturesque.


An up, down, all around kind of morning. Five hours of meandering. But it was just what I needed. I wasn’t in the mood for taking too many photos. Especially since I already have so many of these familiar areas.

May you too have those days where you just go where the wind blows you, with no method to your madness. 🙂

Song: Take to the sky on a natural high.

Sept 19, 2018

Riding in Costa Rica: Know the love.

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