Maybe riding is like Jazz? 🙂

Nah. It’s like all kinds of music! Depends on the day and the ride. Sometimes it’s rock & roll, other times smooth blues. (Etcetera!)

Bridge in the neighborhood, called, yes, “Puente Negro.” Black Bridge. Hahaha! It has been like this for years. This is between Alajuela and Carrizal.

I’m posting some photos that show that Costa Rica has different kinds of views, not just gorgeous mountain views.

Down from Berlin heading to San Ramon. Adorable!!

Today was a day when I enjoyed riding the whole time. I don’t know why some days it just FEELS SO GOOD!! Love that groove!

This is a strange fruit I saw on one of my detours today. I found out afterwards that it is Sorosi, a plant the old folks in the South Caribbean would often talk about. They drink it as a tea to “clean the blood.” It is quite bitter. I have never tried it, but am glad I know what it looks like now.


This morning, I headed out to Atenas, then Zaragoza (Palmares) to ride up to Berlin. The views are amazing up there. Some day I hope I am brave enough to go up to Estanquillos and come out at La Casita de Cafe. (If you see my courage around, please send it home! :-)) Though this idea of riding to Estanquillos from Berlin sounds less intimidating to me than vice versa, and I am glad I thought of it. (Naturally, I prefer riding up than down.)

I did not take photos because I knew they weren’t going to look good.

I then road on Rt 742 for a while, and was hoping to make it to Salvador, but had to turn around because I had to be at Hacienda Vivace in San Ramon at 12:30 for, yes, JAZZ!

Rt 742, view from Super Nachos
Sunday Jazz at Hacienda Vivace
View Hacienda Vivace

I can’t wait for summer to take more daring rides again! I want to take 742 UP from San Jeronimo de Esparza to San Ramon. (I already took it DOWN a few months ago, and loved it — See post Amazing Grace.)

Yeah. Jazz. So many different “moods” in a ride. Today, first, I had fun. Then, I felt that deep peace I enjoy so much when riding. And I love the quiet when I stop for a photo. And then that odd sense of being lost in time. Then fun again! Love it!

If I did not have a motorcycle, I doubt I would ride to San Ramon to hear Jazz. Too far from where I live. But, like I said in another post, riding makes traveling to different places doable, fun, and easy. I feel so lucky.

September 23, 2018

Song: You’re just too good to be true. 

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.

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