Riding in the rain. (Rt 755)

This morning I wrote a poem, then I decided to go ride in the rain. Mostly because it is Thursday, and I did not want to miss my riding day. In any case, I do this a couple of times a year: go riding despite the rain. First the poem:


This is the way.
To be your own beloved.
To long for yourself,
your own self-embrace.

Do not be distracted
by that soulful search
for Father Sky above you,
Mother Earth below you.
Find heaven

The world enfolds you.
It never lost you.

Let your body love you,
your heart receive you.
Your nights are still young,
your days still wondrous.
Let go of the dream,
and fall into the truth
of all that you are:

You are loved.

Now go forward
and love.

Heading out on Calle La Sabanera. My home is up in those clouds somewhere. 

I was hoping to go see a friend in San Ramon who just got out of the hospital. I decided to head out via Rt 3 to San Mateo to revisit Route 755, and then go to San Ramon.

Nearing bridge over Rio Grande near Planta Hydroelectrica La Garita, Rt 3.

I stopped for Plantain with cheese and a cup of chamomile tea at La Casita de Cafe. I am such a regular customer! Haha!


Rt 755 is now paved. Last time I was on it, it was not.

Fields draining onto Rt 755
Rt 755. I find this to be beautiful! 🙂
Rt 27

Because the rain did not let up, I decided to just head home when I hit Route 27 instead of going to San Ramon. There were several waterfalls along Route 27 from all the rain.

Yes, toward the end, it was not pleasant, but I don’t regret it. I love my time on my bike. My boot got water logged and my hands were cold. The rain continues as I write. Glad I am home now.

I think one reason for my ride today is to know that I am OK riding in the rain. I have new tires. Plus I was careful. All is well.

Song: Who else is going to bring you a broken arrow. Who else is going to bring you a bottle of rain? 

Time with stop for breakfast: 5 hours.


Goggle maps LINK.


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