Fun ride with the guys!

It was truly a gorgeous day today in Costa Rica!

I had a fun ride with a group of (new) friends, thanks to Luis Herrera, who added me to his motorcycle “friends” Facebook group. Of course I was the first one to arrive at Honda SAVA! I have to laugh at the fact that I still like to get to places on time.

Waiting for the group

We did the Aguacate/Puriscal loop which I do regularly — as do many bikers.

I managed to keep up, but realize I do need a bigger bike if I am going to ride in groups on the highway. Maybe someday! I think a Honda cb 500 might be perfect for me.

At Casita de Cafe
Casita de Cafe. Lovely day!


Puente Rio Grande de Tarcoles
I finally remembered to do the “H” for Honda happiness sign!

Riding alone is more of a spiritual experience for me. It’s a magical pause to relish the quiet and beauty of Costa Rica.

Riding in a group is about the group. Being with friends and enjoying their company. A different thing altogether.

I think one of these guys will ride with me every now and then, since he too is a solitary rider.  This is the best of both worlds! Looking forward to it.


Song: Born to be wild.  Maybe! In some ways it is too rock-and-roll-y for this day. Maybe the song, “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day” fits better, though it was not a cloudy day. But it fits “my girl,” my Honda! Haha!

October 7, 2018

To get an idea of this route and its views, click here: Never Alone.



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