Wherever the road takes me. (Rt 135 Palmares/Atenas)

Yes, as you meander in Costa Rica, you will see bright-colored churches and painted rubber tires. 🙂

I met the motorcycle guys for breakfast, but did not ride with them because I did not want to ride in the rain (they were headed to San Carlos).  My new philosophy is: being with handsome guys is like going to certain places for the view: I can enjoy the vistas without needing to own the land! Hahaha!


View from Mirador Restaurant, Zarcero.

On the road from Naranjo to Palmares, I decided to take a right. I got a bit lost but it was OK. I had fun, as usual, and ended up taking a road I had wanted to take in the past (through San Roque).

San Roque Road

I wonder how many “San Roque”s there are in Costa Rica. I believe I went through three just today. And who was he?

Anyhow, I did end up on the road from Palmares to Atenas.

I was glad I was not riding in those clouds. 
The Palmares-Atenas road (135) is quite curvy, but with lovely views.
Detoured to see my view on Calle Barroeta, which I hope to ride this summer


The “Sota Caballo” trees are in full blossom, so crossing rivers in Costa Rica — where they are usually planted — is pure delicious aromatherapy. The flowers grow right on the branches.


Anyhow. Yeah. Wind-chapped, cold-chapped, sun-chapped, rain-chapped, dust-chapped. Would I trade my fun for less wrinkles? No. 🙂


Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.



October 28, 2018

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