Greetings from Playa Bejuco

I was hoping to go down Rt 239 from Puriscal to Parrita this morning, but as I headed down the mountain, I saw dark skies behind the clouds over the mountains of Puriscal. I decided to take Rt 27 instead, to spend the night at the beach.

Costanera Sur

I was glad I had made that decision, for I soon had to put my rain gear on.



I first went to check out Playa Bejuco. There are lots of little houses for sale along its beach road.


Buzzards checking out the surf.

I decided I definitely did not want to stay there, so I headed to Esterillos Este.

First Entrance Esterillos Este


There is a Halloween party at Hotel Pelicano tonight. Think I will go as a biker chick. Hahaha!

I had lunch at Alma del Pacifico. A bit expensive, but I like it, especially all the art everywhere.


Now I think it is time to go to the beach and maybe a dip in the pool. Weather is a bit nicer.


Come rain or come shine. Feel the beauty. Know the love. 

Song: “I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.”

Oct. 31, 2018



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