Heaven must be missing an angel. (Breakdown and Rt 707 Turrubares)

Today, I felt insecure all morning on the bike. My body was sensing something that my mind could not figure out.  Nevertheless, I went to Puriscal to buy hand-made Christmas cards from an artist. After that and after breakfast, something did go wrong. I was shifting, but nothing was happening. I had to roll it down the mountain.

BreakdownFortunately, I rolled it right down to a restaurant at the junction to San Pablo de Turrúbares, where there was a nice pirate taxi named Oscar. People often tell me it is dangerous for me to ride alone. “What if something happens?” they ask. “Well,” I say, “Chances are someone will come along to help.” Oscar was the angel who helped me today.


Oscar with a happy ME. 🙂

Oscar called the local mechanic, who said, “Wait, that happened to me once. Check the pinion.” And so Oscar took out his tools. Yep. That is what it was! Fortunately, a few months back, a guy had opened up a motorcycle parts store in San Pablo. Go figure! Yay!
Off we went, Oscar and I, to buy the piece which was only $3.50. Seems too cheap.


Oscar fixed it! 

Route 707 – San Pablo side to Route 27

After that, I enjoyed riding on wild route 707, which I have called my lonely road in another post. I enjoyed it today, lonely or not! 🙂

As you can see, it has been freshly paved.


Across the gorge, one can see highway 27. I rode right into that rain!

This Route 707 has that old bridge built in 1929 that has zinc on  it and at the end of which there is a big rock one has to drive up. I have posted about this before.


Right before Route 707 goes right to parallel 27, there is this section which was a pile of rocks after Hurricane Nate last year. It was a bit scary for me to drive through it.


Route 707 then crosses over Route 27 and continues through Guacimo to Atenas, as I shared in a recent post. I want to take it one day to Calle Escobal, to go to Barroeta, then up to Highway 3.  (Link to Map.)

I did get caught in a downpour on Rt 27.

View from shoulder of Route 27

The weather cleared after Atenas. 

So, I am home. Safe and sound. Realizing my bike is starting to become unreliable. It’s had an intense life these last 6 years with me! Lots of adventures. 🙂 I need to keep looking for another. I need to trust that nothing will happen when and if I do take those roads that seem to be in the middle of nowhere.

Song: In the Arms of an Angel  – and – Heaven must be missing an angel.


Riding in Costa Rica: Know the love!

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