Stormy, Rt 126, and my birthday.

I bought a used Honda Tornado to act as a replacement for my XL. I am calling her Stormy. 🙂


My mechanic lowered it for me. Now that I can see how it feels lowered, I think I will sell it not long after it is registered in my name and buy a new one from the dealer.  I will be happier with a new one. I just wasn’t ready to spend so much. But I think I can do it.


I took a practice ride to get my body used to her. I headed over to Vara Blanca on Rt 126 then to Poasito and down to cross over at Calle Nueva.

Hit some fog and mist and saw lots of rainbows, which are common at this time of year.


After this ride I went to have lunch with my good friends in Escazu at an Hindu restaurant, Avatar. I was happy to finally eat some good food, since the last two restaurants to which I have been were dissappointing.


Today is my birthday! November 15. Fifty-seven! Yikes! Yeah. Like four planets in Scorpio and three in the house of Scorpio. 🙂 Whatever THAT means! Hahaha!


View from Cafe Tres Generaciones where I had breakfast.



Heading home. Calle nueva.

Song: Stormy. (Of course!) 🙂

Feel the Beauty.  Know the love. Live the power.


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