Top of the World (Irazú Volcano)

Yesterday I rode with Honda Red Riders to Rancho Redondo (Route 218), through Tierra Blanca, up to Irazú volcano.

Felix Franco, leader of Honda Red Riders said to me: “Sós un Fenomeno!” Hahaha! Great compliment. I’ll take it! 🙂


This is a ”must do” riding trip, as the road is smooth, and it has some wonderful, wide curves. The views are amazing. It’s a lovely part of the country. I did not take many photos, however.

We went on Route 218, which I have ridden many times, and also highly recommend.

Zurqui mountains as seen up high from Rancho Redondo (view to right).
Capital of Costa Rica (San Jose) as seen from Rancho Redondo.

At the top of Irazú, you are basically above the clouds on a moonscape type of environment. It is usually cold up there, so bundle up.


Turrialba volcano peeking through the clouds from side road before park.

I am quite happy to be making new friends!


Still trying to teach the H for Honda Happiness! Hahaha!


After this, I went to a ladies Christmas Coffee and also had fun with them!


It is as if I am finally finding all kinds of community, joining different “tribes.” I like it. 🙂 Riding Storm! makes it easy for me to get around. Otherwise, driving here would be impossible!



Song: I’m on the top of the world. 🙂 





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