Fraijanes (Rt 712)

Route 712 is one way to go up to Poás volcano from Alajuela. It is a nice road with nice views of the valley below as you are going up, and of Barva volcano all along the way.

Valley view going up Rt 712

Route 712 is the road where Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia has a coffee farm. I suppose they offer tours. This is a relatively new addition to the road.


Also on this road is a coffee house from Doka coffee estate (Cafe Tres Generaciones). It’s a nice place to stop for good coffee and some OK pastries. It has nice views also. (See this post from my birthday: Stormy.)

View of Barva volcano from road in front of Casa del Café La Luisa (Doka Estate)

I usually take Rt 712 down from Poás and cut across Calle Nueva to go up to Carrizal and home.  It is a lovely road. May you enjoy it!


Having the monthly get-together of the women’s group gives me a chance to go to many homes and see incredible views. There, I have met new friends. I just LOVE having a motorcycle to go visit them! I get to see vistas I would never see from the road. I feel so blessed to ride in Costa Rica. 🙂

I took my XL 200 yesterday, to keep her juices flowing.

I don’t know why but the song is: Love me two times.

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty. Know the Love.


Date of trip: November 11, 2018

Tomorrow I may go investigate Montserrat de Cascajal, Coronado. Fingers crossed!

Oh yeah!

I won a (used) REV’IT jacket from a raffle a friend had from my Moto Amigos Group. It is wonderful! Now I feel even more protected. What a surprise! Life takes away, and life gives. 🙂


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