Yo soy como el chile verde, Llorona, picante pero sabroso. (In Mexico!)

I am in Mexico for a couple of weeks, so you will not receive any posts. (I will add to this post while here.)

I am here to present my work at The International Focusing Conference in MĂ©rida.


The best part for me of conferences is connecting with the people. So much love!


Yes, I did inquire about renting a motorcycle. 🙂 No deal. BUT, “Marañon,” the little horse who took me on a tour in the above colorful, pink carriage, relieved my aching feet after walking for hours. So sweet he was!


MĂ©rida is a lovely, serene, city. I wish I wasn’t here for a conference so that I could go see more sights. Oh well. At least I got to see the city, with all its oddly abandoned historic houses, interesting architecture, cobblestone streets, and pastel buildings. It is a super mellow city (perhaps due to the Mayan spirituality and personality?). Quiet. Clean. Colorful.  The people are touchingly nice and friendly. Were I richer, I would be coming home with many crafts! Hahaha!


After MĂ©rida, I visited my childhood friend in Mexico City, and my childhood home, Cuernavaca.



Lola (Andrea’s mom), me, and Andrea

We also visited Taxco, Tepotzlan, and many gorgeous neighborhoods in Mexico City, including Coyoatan, Sán Angel, Roma, and Condessa. I was surprised at how gorgeous Mexico City is, a city full of all kinds of trees.



Andrea and I went to San Miguel de Allende for three days, another Magic City! There, I found a representation of my two loves: donkeys and motorcycles! Hahaha!


San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful city with art everywhere. Everywhere.



I had a good time visiting with old friends.


I am so happy that Andrea and I get along great. She has a wonderful sense of humor. We are quite at ease with each other.

However, she wants me to cut and dye my hair, fix my eyebrows, wear more makeup, and get a neck job. I told her if it did not help my motorcycle riding, I was not interested! Hahahaha!

Yes, this trip was quite special for me. I had an amazing time.

I did buy a few small souvenirs, resisting the craving to buy so much more!! I could not, however, resist buying this piece of ironwork:

Yes, there is a bad pun in here somewhere, about Honda Shadow motorcycles.

PopocatĂ©petl and IztaccĂ­huatl volcanoes said the perfect “fare-thee-well” to me from my airplane window as I headed back home, to Costa Rica, and my Honda. 🙂



Here is a simple poem I wrote while there:


She knew she would take with her
the purple splendor of the Jacaranda trees
as they framed pastel buildings with their royal beauty,
under dry, blue skies,
on curved, cobblestone streets

where gentle, ageless souls smiled kindly at her,
gifting her with acknowledgement,
as if we are all friends and allies.

While the adorable woodpeckers tucked themselves into palm trees,
saying goodnight to the quiet quarter moon,
she felt her body relax,
beholding the possibilities of her own horizon,

slowly gathering a welcome sense of trust
that her beloved planet might actually survive
the cruelties of mankind,
find the new dimension
of shared humanity,
holy togetherness.

March, 2019



Song: Llorona

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