Finding the magic (La Ceiba)

Yes, I am back home from a wonderful trip to Mexico. 🙂

Today, I decided to ride Storm! over to San Ramón de Sarapiqui, since I have never been there. Oh how I want to ride new roads!! BUT, when I saw the clouds hugging Poás volcano, I knew the road would be foggy and cold, so I decided to go to Palmares.


The road to Palmares is curvy and goes up and up and up and up, then gently down.

Mountains past San Ramon de Alajuela. Dry season.

From Palmares, I decided to go to the coast. I found a beach where I had first gone to look for driftwood (Playa Caldera). Rocky edges to keep the homes safe.


Playa Caldera

The trip was just OK for me until I decided to turn off Highway 27 towards Ceiba. It was on that solitary nowhere road that I finally felt the magic. 🙂 It is always worth the wait!



The road turns to gravel and there is NO ONE on it. Love it!

I was glad to see the egg farm I like was still standing.

I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, since I ended up back on Highway 27. 🙂 No problem. I like getting lost and finding my way again.


I also enjoyed coming home on Rt 3, with all its curves, even though it is familiar. So, the second half of my trip was more fun for me than the first, for some reason. I guess I like to ride in areas where there are no other people, cars or riders.

Song: You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. Hahaha! (Glad I found it again in La Ceiba!)

Feel the beauty, know the love, live the power.

Had to peel off layers as I hit the hotter side of the country.

March 21, 2019


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