Dust bath! (Group ride from Puriscal to Bijagual)


Today I rode with Honda Red Riders again. We went to Puriscal, then on Rt 239 to turn off towards Bijagual (then Tarcoles and home).

Views Rt 239

As I have said in other posts, Route 239 has amazing views.

La Cangreja National Park on left


We road on gravel for 105 kilometers. Riding in a group in gravel is a dust bath! Here is a link to a video so you can see part of the terrain.


We did have a few mishaps: one flat tire (so the group split up); one accident when a car swerved a pot hole and hit my friend Yamil (he is OK); and a broken chain.

Waiting for the rest to catch up

We had several Africa Twin motorcycles, a Crossrunner, a BMW 1000, and many other large bikes, along with a few smaller XRs. It was tons of fun!!


Only part of our group since we split off.

I love riding on new roads and it turns out I love riding on gravel roads! 🙂 Definitely lots of fun. Felix Franco, leader of Red riders, wrote this: “Suzanne, lo tengo que decir en público, Ud dio ejemplo, iba feliz en su medio, como pez en el agua, conociendo caminos y con tiempo de sacar esas fotos. Gracias por acompañarnos.” English: You were like a fish in water. YES!! Exactly! Like a fish in water. 🤣🏍💖 I wish everyone could find their passion(s), those activities which make us come alive and fill our entire being with gratitude and happiness.

Weather-worn skin and body! 😉

On the way home I got stopped by police on their usual road check.  It happens often. I enjoy chatting with them. A female cop came over after a while and said she too had a bike. I encouraged her to join a group. 🙂

Yeah! LOVE YOUR LIFE! Ride! 🙂

Me in my personal sauna with all my gear!

Song: HOT STUFF! Hahaha!

Map capture by Andres, Red Rider.

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty. Know the Love. Live the Power.





Weather worn, we ride
life’s twisting currents 
along ever-changing landscapes 
of full-bodied becoming,
inner streams connect
to glorious waterfalls of love,
dusty, horizonless deserts of grief,
the silence of the moon.

While the wild heavens open up above,
plant beings gift us with abundance,
mountains with spacious perspectives,
valleys with calm ease.
All creatures high and low knowing
our way,

the way of surrender, surrender, surrender
to the beauty, to stretching wide and tall
to receive it, the flow,
the magic,
the gratitude.

March 27, 2019


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