Plan B: Turrucares>El Rodeo

My plan this morning was to go down to Rio Cuarto to check out a Macaw rescue center there.

Road from Vara Blanca to Poasito 

But when I saw the clouds over the area, I changed my mind and decided to go to Turrucares, then El Rodeo. I have been wanting to do this trip again for a while.

Route 136

PiedrasNegras_ElRodeo2The road from Piedras Negras to El Rodeo is gravel, with some rocky spots, but not bad. It’s nice to ride in solitary places.




Coming down from El Rodeo


It was fun, short, and sweet. I wanted to keep riding, but know I have a long ride on Sunday, so coming home was OK.  (I am going on a four-night trip to the North West. I am excited!)

Catholic church in my little town, San Jose de la Montaña

Here’s a new App I am using called Relive (Check it out in full screen): Video Turrucares/El Rodeo


Riding in Costa Rica: Know the love.

April 4, 2019



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