Eighth Gathering of Women Motorcyclists of Costa Rica.

On Sunday I went to the Eight Gathering of Women Motorcyclists of Costa Rica.

I took my Honda XL 200 because I was getting a stronger rack put on Storm! The one I had broke on the rough rocks of Route 239. It was fun to ride my little XL, especially because I can put my feet on the ground and this makes it all easier for me.



I met a few Honda riders in Moravia, and together we road to the first gathering location.  Here is a video of the motorcyclists gathering in Megasuper.


Over 150 motorcyclists rode to Tucurrique de Cartago. In this video you can see me on my VERY RED Honda XL 200 at 14 seconds. 🙂  Caravana Subiendo Ochomogo

The theme was hippie, so just wearing my regular clothes, I fit right in. Hahaha! Actually, I felt silly with my hippie clothes on as all the women wore the official blouse. I did not.


I enjoyed the ride on Route 225 to Tucurrique, and it was fun to ride in such a large group, where the Alpha males closed all the roads for the group to pass. However, I don’t think I will go next time. Something was off for me. (Though I can always change my mind!)



I’m feeling like I need a long, solitary ride soon! I am in withdrawal. 🙂

How my heart feels riding in Costa Rica:

No photo description available.

Enjoy your day and may the force be with you! xoxoxox

(Date of ride: Sunday, May 12, 2019)









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