New group with ladies in it! (Turrialba/Cachí)




I met Freddy and Sylvia on a Honda Red Rider trip to Irazú volcano, and immediately clicked with them. He now has a Honda XRE 300; she, a 150 cc Scooter. It was lots of fun to go on a ride with their little group, which has women riders in it.






We had breakfast at the restaurant Bocadito del Cielo, which I have often thought is too expensive and not very good. But, it was nice to be with this new group. Two people joined us which I already know from Honda Red Riders.

View, Rest. Bocadito del Cielo

We went to a cheese fair in CATIE, Turrialba, then rode back home through Tucurrique/Cachí (Route 225).



Sugar cane factory


Olman joined the group at the fair, coming from Turrialba. I was amused because a month or so ago I joked that I needed to meet a retired, single man who rode a dual purpose bike. And here is Olman! Hahaha! With a Honda XRE 300. Pretty funny. Maybe we can go on some rides every now and then.


Lake created by Cachí dam.
Portion of Cachí Dam.

Sure am glad I now belong in several tribes! Especially my motorcycle-riding tribe in Costa Rica! Life is good!


Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love!


Song: Follow you follow me.


Seems that I now ride with others every Sunday. Cool. I still love riding alone, but being with others is good for me.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

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