The gift of no GPS. (Nandaure, Nicoya)


I have been wanting to go to Nandayure, Nicoya, for several months. But a motorcycle-riding friend told me it was not a good road for motorcycles. Too steep and rocky. So, I had put it on hold. However, yesterday, on my way to Punta Coyote, I accidentally ended up going to Nandayure. Hahaha! I love not using a GPS, just for this reason.

Ocean view from Nandayure  or thereabouts! Somewhere!

As I went up and up, I thought: “Uh oh. What goes up, must come down.” And so it was. This road is all gravel, and it was steep going down, with some scary curves.


But I did it! And I am glad I did. I loved this road. It was so wild! And there was a nice part that was paved, thank Goodness! 🙂


Glad some of the road was paved!

It was fun to go to Punta Coyote in this new way.



It took me about six hours to get to Punta Coyote from home, with stops for breakfast, photos, and detour to Playa San Miguel. I was a bit worn out, surprisingly!

View from hotel

After a dip in the pool, I went to Playa Coyote. I collected purple shells for my art. I also found a gray Nickernut vine with pods, but only grabbed a few beans since I am no longer making jewelry.



I love the serenity and quiet of far away places.


I left to come home at 4:40 a.m. today and enjoyed the mists on the road.

Can you see the buzzards on the palm tree?
Smooth road

The road out of Punta Coyote is full of holes, but it gets smooth once past the crossing to Jicaral. In spots, it is roughly paved.

Once on the paved highway, I just flew like an eagle home. The skies were so blue! It was a superb trip. I am so grateful to have a bike in Costa Rica. It just makes life so wonderful!


Song: You can do magic!

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power.

Playa San Miguel

Friday, July 5, 2019

And, yeah. Though I stopped these quotes months ago, I do have a new Honda quote! 🙂


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