The Church of Puriscal

The church in Puriscal was closed in 1989 and now is a patrimony site. By pure chance, today I decided to take photos of it, to honor it, and it turns out tpday, July 25, is its patron saints day. Cool!



It is also a national holiday celebrating the annexation of Guanacaste. Therefore, there weren’t many cars on the road.

IMG_20190725_085141I was indeed tempted to head on down to Parrita via 239, but I was actually tired from all my recent, back-to-back trips, so I decided to cut it short.


I stopped by my favorite spots to enjoy the views. And in one, I just had to take off my helmet to enjoy the silence. Gorgeous!



IMG_20190725_092451Whenever I visit Poró de Puriscal, I want to live there. Sigh.

Time to rest now!


Thursday, July 25, 2019


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