The Amazing Views of Barroeta

Hello friends!

You may have noticed I am not posting as regularly as before. One, some trips I have already posted about several times (around Lake Arenal, for example). And, two, I am not sure I am going to keep this blog. It’s been great to have a holding space for my adventures, but I have already done so many roads more than once, that my posts are no longer new. When I go on new routes, I will definitely share the joy of that!


Last week I went to the little town of Barroeta. The views on the way are gorgeous. There is one spot where one can stop to take it all in. Pacific ocean views!


The road is part asphalt, part cement, part gravel, and goes up and down and up and down. But it is not difficult. I did not go beyond to Escobal because I was told it was loose gravel and steep.


I have decided I like the OK sign for HONDA much better than the one I was using. It makes sense, you know the O and the three wings like fingers. 🙂 (AND, the heck with the alt-right co-opting this as a symbol of hate. I will make the OK sign OK again.  At least for me!)


After this, I decided to take a trip to Guacalillo beach. The best thing about riding during the week is that there usually is very little traffic on the off roads and not many people at the beach.



Just another fun day in paradise! 🙂



Dec. 2019


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