Love me two times. (U turn and Route 742)

breakfastMy friends Dave, Roger, and Javier from Los Rejuntados group and I had a plan to cross the “Route of the Quetzal,” then head over to Monteverde and Tilaran.



After traversing the rockiest road in the world (and of course we could not stop for photos), we hit some wet, slippery clay.

Here is a funny video by Dave Mejía which shows how slippery the road was: VIDEO.

I fell twice. Javier got stuck. And Dave slid backwards and sideways and had to be pulled out by a truck.

uturnAfter speaking with several locals who told us the road got worse up ahead with more rain, we decided to turn around, as painful as the thought was of crossing those rocks again!!

TireI am grateful that Roger took my bike UP after my first fall, and that Javier took my it down down past a curve on which I had dropped it the second time. I was not brave enough at that point. In these situations, however, one must keep going no matter what. We have no choice but “Just Do It.” Fear or no fear. Do it.

On our way back, I suggested we take route 742 to San Jeronimo de Esparza. I had loved this route the first time I took it, alone, last year. I did not expect it to be as challenging and difficult as it was! Yikes!

The first part of 742 has gorgeous ocean and mountain views.


WhatsApp Image 2020-02-02 at 3.45.29 PM
Photo by Dave Mejía

Across the way, we could see the dark clouds from which we had emerged.


Gorgeous views


Full of myself and happy to be taking my friends (finally!) on this route, I mistakenly took a left at Carrera Buena instead of a right, which was the correct way. (I had thought of asking Dave to check Waze, but did not. Once again, I did not listen to my intuition!) I led them down a terrible road!

Rever route by Dave Mejía

Fortunately, I stopped to wait at a creek (I could not possibly stop before), and Dave bravely came down to ask if I was sure it was the right road. Embarrassed, I admitted it was not! (I forced myself to love myself despite my shame!)

Here is Dave coming down the road: VIDEO.

The worst was the thought of going up this road! Argh! But we had no choice. I made it up on my Tornado, but Dave on his heavy GS1200 got stuck, and Roger and Javier had to go down to help. 😦


Anyhow, we continued, and to my shock, route 742 was terribly rocky, much worse than I remembered!  I mean, big, loose, sharp rocks! Downhill! By some miracle, I made it down OK on my Tornado, just letting it go DOWN while praying. But again, others did not and needed help.

Photo by Javier

This is the last part of the rocky road. VIDEO. I waited by this bridge for like 25 minutes for my friends to come. Dave had once again suffered a fall! Ridiculously hard day for Dave! (I once AGAIN forced myself to love myself despite my shame at having led them here.)


We made it down without any broken bones, just bruised egos!  We were finally out of Motorcycle Hell. Hahaha! (I believe this route 742 is probably worse than Tapantí!)

Once past this bridge, the road was paved, though with very fine sand/gravel on top so we had to ride carefully. Then we hit the lovely paved road to San Jeronimo de Esparza, which was a delight after all we had been through. Delicious!!

Physically worn-out and beaten up, yet happy for this adrenaline-filled riding adventure, we had lunch at restaurant Los Pajaritos near Puntarenas.


What a rollercoaster of a day! 🙂 That’s why they call it adventure riding!

Lessons learned: 1) Do not venture forth into dark clouds on unknown dirt roads; 2) double check your route on Waze when you come to a T! 😛 ; 3) forgive yourself your mistakes; and 4) keep having fun! (I just hope Dave eventually forgives me! Hahaha!)

I appreciated Storm! my Honda XR 250 Tornado like never before. Yes, I fell on the wet clay, but going up and down those rocky roads, by some miracle, I stayed upright. Think I will keep her for these kinds of trips. Falling on those rocks would have been dangerous!



Photo by Dave Mejía

Date of ride 02/02/2020.

Song: Love me Two Times




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  1. lol – I spent more time picking up my bike than riding – but, odd enough, loved this ride! – gravel, mud, but also big laughs with friends – priceless


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