Wide beauty (Above Miramar)

Hello! I haven’t been as excited about my blog as I was at the beginning, so I haven’t been posting as much. 🙂 Thus, you will now receive two posts, back-to-back. Riding in Costa Rica, however, continues to be as exhilirating, fun, and magical as it has always been for me. I cannot even begin to describe my sense of joy and wonder! 🙂 It makes my body and soul COME ALIVE!

In Caldera, asking to see if the sky diving place is open to go up for the views. It was not.

Last week I took a ride up above Miramar with some friends. It is a place to which I would like to return, and will.

IMG_20200219_110601 (1)

The road up to Oro Verde Restaurant is paved all the way, except with one small patch of gravel. The ocean views are amazing up there.

Ocean view from Finca El Mirador.


Lovely country up there.

On the way home, my friends came over to my new home in Atenas, where we swam in my pool and ate cold fruit. Life is good! 🙂


Riding in Costa Rica: ENJOY THE FUN!

At Finca El Mirador



Date of Ride: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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